2nd Addendum of Double Dimes book on 1876 is posted

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Hi all, as mentioned in this month's E-Gobrecht and this week's E-Sylum, the Addendum 2 of the Double Dimes book on 1876-P has been published and available on our website.   The web pages for 1876-P have been updated, as well as the BF-2 page for 1875-P (the reverse die was reused in 1876).
For those readers with the Print Edition of the Double Dimes book, you can download the PDF file of the Addendum to print and insert into your book.  See www.doubledimes.com, or the addendum specifically at  http://www.doubledimes.com/DoubleDimeBo ... ne2016.pdf.

 This is in addition to Addendum 1 for the 1875-CC from 2015.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!