Gobrecht Journal Index - in Excel file, free

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14 Mar 2017, 07:43 #1

I have updated the Gobrecht Journal Index in an Excel file (.XLS), which was originally created by Dick Osburn,
and later updated to issue #100 by Leonard Augsburger.
I added the articles for issues #101-124 and 127-128, and cleaned up empty cells so it can be easily sorted.

The latest version has 3 "sheets":
1. articles sorted by denomination, date and mintmark
2. articles sorted by publication date and page number
3. various notes on the page numbers, links to download the Gobrecht Journal from the Newman Numismatic Portal, LSCC page, etc.

You can download it (free of course) from my webpage (it's about 2mb):

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Wow, thank you for doing this.  I truly believe I am living in a golden age of Numismatics.Twenty years ago I had Red book, a copy of Breen's book and some articles in Coin World to go on.Now we have the Newman Portal, free web books, (The Seated Half Die Variety books to appear soon!), and also Overton sites to guide you in identifying Bust Half Dollars.  I would post this statement on Collector's Universe but don't want to be responsible for causing heart attack and strokes.(They have a slightly more pessimistic view there).  thank you again/