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Hello, I am new to the club/forum.  At the most recent Balt./Whitman show I had the
pleasure of meeting some of the officers/members at the club table.One in particular,
very patiently spoke with me not only about Lib.Seated coins but also Medieval coins,my
current interest. He told me he had done some research on his family tree. He mentioned
Charlemagne as a distant relative. In this months issue of the Numismatist published by
the ANA there is an excellent about him. I do not remember his name but I hope one
of you could pass along this information.  Thank you,  Tibor

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Welcome to the LSCC group.  Glad to hear of your positive experience in Baltimore.  I would have loved to have been there again, but my wife and I are on vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC.  Neither of us is
a golfer, but we are close by the Masters and currently the RBC Heritage Classic.

Through the ANA library lending system, I have found a decent selection of literature about medieval coins.  Bought a book from Charles Davis on Hungarian pieces too.  There are quite a few texts worth examining on various originating countries - England, France, Germany (although I cannot read German), Spain, Italy, and others.  Yes, my interests are stronger on numismatic literature than most coins these days.  (I did buy a Lithuanian piece in PCGS slab for a good price.)  I should have access to an accurate listing come the first week of May if you wish to carry on that discussion, but an ANA membership can be a wonderful thing, particularly if you are interested in their library.  They loan out up to 6 items at a time, and all you pay is shipping and insurance both ways.  Money and its use in Medieval Europe is an excellent book.  Money - A History is good too.  Les Monnaies Françaises Royales 1 and 2 are top notch for French coins.

Hopefully, someone will acknowledge their role in encouraging you ar the Whitman Baltimore show.  I might venture John Frost to have been your guy.  Regardless who it was, join in, ask questions that stimulate responses and go from there.

Descendency from Charlemagne is fairly normal IMHO - I am also.  My tree on goes to Adam & Eve a bunch of different ways, even in my direct ancestry.  I use an Island tree which includes collateral lines, not just direct/blood ones.

Some of this discussion might be better off this group though.

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Hi Tibor,
I organized the LSCC-BCCS table at Baltimore a couple weeks ago.  I'm not sure who you talked to about that, but I'll pass your note on to them all and make sure whoever it was gets your message.
We won't be at the Juine Baltimore but will be back there with a meeting and a club table at the November show.  Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to seeing you there!  We will be in New Jersey in May, if you are close enough for that show!

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Hi Tibor, I thought I had responded.  It was Dennis that you talked to, and I passed on your message that same day.